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Seven things that are essential for understanding God’s creation & our place in it, but seem completely insane to the modern mind

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2 minutes to read A sort-of-manifesto about what Smokey and I are doing with our True Magic project—and why it matters.

True Magic is a new project/ministry I am working on with my wife, Smokey the Magnificent. It is hosted on Substack, but I’m going to repost articles here for my existing readers. It is mostly a podcast, but it’s a podcast that is very hard to explain, because we’re trying to do something that literally doesn’t make sense to most people today.

Not most people throughout history. Just most people for the past couple of hundred years. The way God actually made the world might as well be magic to the modern mind—which is part of what the “True Magic” name is all about.

To provide a foundation for the podcast, I’m first going to try to explain what it is we’re trying to do. What is “true magic”?

But to explain that…I need to explain a few key ideas we’re taking for granted.

Each of these is going to sound nuts to the average reader. But each is also easy to see and accept if you just think through the examples I’ll give. The problem is not that any of this is really hard to understand, but rather that it requires a huge mental adjustment. This is because the way we have all learned to think is deeply out of kilter with the world as God made it.

So here are seven axioms (foundational principles) that True Magic is working from…

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