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Thorny problems with Calvinism #4: why evangelize if everything is predestined?

The fact that God has predestined something doesn’t mean it will happen no matter what, but rather that it will happen inevitably by the means which he has also predestined.

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Why do atheists proselytize?

Evangelical atheism seems to be on the rise. Which is odd, when you think about it.

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On the atonement, part 4: God’s desires frustrated?

Part 4 of 6, in which I interact with the objection that unlimited satisfaction requires that God be at cross-purposes with himself, entertaining frustrated desires which he cannot fulfill.

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On the atonement, part 2: the grounds for the universal gospel call

Part 2 of 6, in which I argue that limited satisfaction is inconsistent with the universal gospel call—whether conceived of as an invitation, or as a command only.

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Apologetics and evangelism

In this post, I interact with some thoughtful criticisms of apologetics forwarded by my friend Darryl Burling. I argue that they are well-intentioned but misplaced, and that apologetics is indeed vital to successfully fulfilling the great commission.

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