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Why don’t religious people mind their own business?

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2 minutes to read Why do Christians “stick their noses in” about women getting abortions? Isn’t it nobody’s business but the woman’s?

Here’s an objection I’ve often faced from pro-abortionists:– Why don’t Christians and other religious people just mind their own damned business? In the words of one angry fellow,

It’s still nothing to do with anyone other than the woman who wants the abortion.

The answer to this question is pretty obvious—once you realize the built-in assumption that whether or not a mother chooses to have her child killed is nobody’s business but her own.

Of course, this ain’t how pro-abortionists like to frame the issue. They like to talk about “reproductive rights” and a “woman’s bodily integrity” and so on. But this is just what people have been doing since the dawn of time to dehumanize anyone they want to kill: changing language to be as clinical and detached as possible, to obscure the real meaning of the words. For example, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a pro-abortionist refer to the mother, rather than “the woman”. Or the child, rather than “the fetus”, or “the tissue” or “the product of conception”.

As regards “reproductive rights”, well, killing your child in the womb is no more a reproductive right than killing him outside the womb is a lifestyle right. It’s a reproductive choice to kill your unborn baby in the same way it’s a career choice to kill your toddler. Which is to say, if a child in the womb is a human being (and by definition it is), and if all human beings are created equal and have the right to life (which they are and do), then by definition there just is no such thing as a “right” to kill your child, regardless of its stage of development, and regardless of how annoying or inconvenient or problematic its existence may be.

In other words, to ask why Christians don’t just mind their own business because it’s nothing to do with anyone except the woman who wants the abortion, is rather like asking why Christians didn’t mind their own business because it was nothing to do with anyone except the man who wanted to own a slave. Or why Christians didn’t mind their own business (although tragically most did) because it was nothing to do with anyone except the Nazis who wanted to gas Jews.

If those seem like profoundly stupid questions, then so is the question of why Christians don’t mind their own business about abortion.

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