Bnonn Tennant (the B is silent)

Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

A simple argument that John 6 is not referring to the Eucharist

I mean, of course it’s not—but try convincing a Catholic of that.

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Can we distinguish inspiration from canonization?

Inspiration and canonization are two components in the larger, holistic process of inscripturation.

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A simple argument that the Roman church is under God’s judgment for apostasy and idolatry

Pedophilia isn’t the only sexual scandal in the Roman ranks.

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What’s the difference between Sola and Solo Scriptura?

There is a clear and important distinction between the Bible being the sole rule of faith, and the Bible being the sole source of knowledge.

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The wolves are guarding the sheep pen

Roman Catholicism is not a Christian denomination, and Protestant apologists of all people should be conversant with the reasons why.

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3 reasons why Christianity + prayer to the saints = pagan polytheism

Unfortunate for Roman Catholic claims about being the One True Church that Christ Founded.

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5 reasons to seriously doubt the story the papacy likes to tell about its origins

A cursory description of some of the very widely-accepted historical facts that puts to shame Rome’s story about Peter inaugurating an unbroken succession of bishops in Rome.

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A simple proof that Pope Benedict XVI is an illegitimate pope

A 6-step argument showing that the bishop of Rome doesn’t have the credentials required to hold his office.

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A simple proof that the Roman Catholic Church is illegitimate

A 5 (and a bit) step argument showing that the Catholic Church is not a legitimate Christian church because its leadership does not meet certain basic biblical requirements.

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Rome: “Catholics adore the one God, Allah”

A quick little argument showing how, on Rome’s own terms, Catholics believe that God’s secret identity is Allah.

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The term “catholic” in the Nicene Creed

Four reasons to think that the term “catholic” in the Nicene Creed should not be read as involving communion with the Church of Rome.

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The Magisterial Cypher

The sad story of a Catholic layman named Juan; a dedicated believer and amateur theologian, who gradually comes to realize that, as one of the laity, he is no more able to understand his religion than the peasants of the middle ages.

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The Protestant’s Wager

Roman Catholicism fails to provide a principled advantage in understanding doctrine, over and against Protestantism. We can use a serious parody of Pascal’s Wager to show this: on a Catholic’s own terms, and all other things being equal, it is safer to be a Protestant.

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Catholic and Reformed views of God and Scripture: a correspondence

A response to an email from a Roman Catholic correspondent, critiquing his presentation of the doctrine of Scripture and the purposes of God.

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On the Pope, the Catholic Church, and Islam

This is the inaugural post for my blog: the post which I felt compelled to write in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s placatory comments toward Islam, in which he affirmed that the Roman Catholic Church respects Muslims, and worships the same God that they do.

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