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Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

Christianity, confidence, and certainty

We can have complete certainty in the existence of God, and a high degree of confidence in the truth of Christianity specifically. This is justified not only by philosophical, prophetical and historical arguments, but especially by the direct knowledge imparted by the Spirit of God.

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Fisking the chieftain of the atheist village

An exchange with an atheist whose confidence is inversely proportional to his competence on the topics of sex, ethics and evolution.

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Irreligious fundamentalism

The saga continues.

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Presuppositional obliviousness

A continuation of the ongoing exchange with an anonymous atheist.

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Evidence and religion

A reposted exchange with an anonymous atheist.

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NY Times twists on horns of secular free will dilemma

A critical look at a New York Times article that discusses the tension between the idea that all the events in the universe are caused deterministically by physical laws, and our deep-seated intuitive belief that this cannot be so because we have free will.

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Occam’s Razor

A discussion of how Occam’s Razor is sometimes used as a basis for objecting to Christianity, highlighting some serious philosophical problems with this approach.

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Is intelligent design science? A response to Ken Perrott

A continuation of my previous commentary on the question of whether intelligent design is a scientific inference. Here, I respond to some objections by kiwi atheist Ken Perrott, pointing out the hypocrisy of secular scientists in labeling the anti-ID thesis as scientific, while denying the same standing for ID itself.

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Is intelligent design scientific?

The question of whether intelligent design is a scientific or philosophical inference is a contentious and oft-debated one. Using a recent discussion on Ken Perrott’s blog as a kick-off point, I offer a brief commentary on this issue, giving reasons for why it is arbitrary to dismiss ID as unscientific.

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