Bnonn Tennant (the B is silent)

Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

Is a triune God like a square circle?

Yes—if you’re a two-dimensional being who is trying to understand a cylinder.

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New atheism & child psychology

Why do new atheists form beliefs, and argue for them, in the same way as my four year old son?

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Irreligious fundamentalism

The saga continues.

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Presuppositional obliviousness

A continuation of the ongoing exchange with an anonymous atheist.

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If God is real, why does the world suck?

Or a question to similar effect—with similar answers.

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Is Yahweh made in man’s image?

If he is, why do nearly all (presumably man-made) religions line up against Christianity on many key doctrines?

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Why won’t Randal Rouser answer some simple questions?

Calling Randal Rauser: why won’t you answer some simple questions?

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“No one is righteous”…metaphorically speaking

A polemic against the argument that, in light of the apparently contradicting evidence of our moral intuitions, total depravity should be interpreted metaphorically.

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On dogmatism

A response to Damian Peterson on the merits of being dogmatic.

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Occam’s Razor

A discussion of how Occam’s Razor is sometimes used as a basis for objecting to Christianity, highlighting some serious philosophical problems with this approach.

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An atheistic greater good argument

A brief interaction with an atheistic argument that the existence of evil, under Christianity’s own presuppositions, disproves the existence of God by contradicting his desire for the greatest good. This argument was forwarded by Stan (and also John Loftus) on Debunking Christianity.

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Education and child abuse

A critical response to the accusation that teaching children beliefs which contradict secular science is a form of child abuse. This post is a reply to Ken Perrott’s article ‘”Biblically correct” child abuse?’

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