Bnonn Tennant (the B is silent)

Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

Thorny problems with Molinism #4: the internal contradiction between CCFs & PAP

In which I illustrate that if counterfactuals of creaturely freedom are true, the principle of alternate possibility must be false.

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Thorny problems with Molinism #3: the theological grounding objection

In which I show that Molinism is a just-so story when it comes to God’s omniscience.

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Thorny problems with Molinism #2: the demonstrable falsehood of its governing intuition

In which I demonstrate what I had previously claimed: namely, that starting with our intuitions rather than with what God has revealed is a lousy way of doing theology.

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Thorny problems with Molinism #1: doing theology backwards

In which I raise a fundamental issue of methodology, and also vent a bit.

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Why Molinist/Arminian intuitions about God and evil must be false

A simple parallel argument to clarify my previous posts.

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