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Evolution 2.0

★★★★★ A genuine eye-opener in a category of its own—and an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to use real science to decisively argue for God’s existence while dismantling neo-Darwinism.

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Is intelligent design science? A response to Ken Perrott

A continuation of my previous commentary on the question of whether intelligent design is a scientific inference. Here, I respond to some objections by kiwi atheist Ken Perrott, pointing out the hypocrisy of secular scientists in labeling the anti-ID thesis as scientific, while denying the same standing for ID itself.

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Is intelligent design scientific?

The question of whether intelligent design is a scientific or philosophical inference is a contentious and oft-debated one. Using a recent discussion on Ken Perrott’s blog as a kick-off point, I offer a brief commentary on this issue, giving reasons for why it is arbitrary to dismiss ID as unscientific.

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