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Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

Tongues in 1 Corinthians 14 were languages the speakers understood

If you’re speaking in tongues and you don’t know what you’re saying, you’re not speaking in tongues. You’re babbling like a baby.

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Is lack of healing a failing of the church to exercise authority for their king?

In response to a reader’s question, I suggest a moderate path between taking kingdom theology to humanistic extremes that presume upon God’s authority, and swinging so far the other way that we refuse to represent his authority at all.

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Spotting real prophecies

If prophecy continues, and someone tells you they have received a word from the Lord, how can you tell if they’re for real, or just full of it?

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2 rough alternative arguments that spiritual gifts continue

Independent lines of evidence seem to converge on a continuationist position.

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