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Sign the Cornerstone Challenge Statement on the primacy of Christ’s rule

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2 minutes to read A foundational document of the newly-launched Repent NZ, outlining the biblical teaching on the primacy of Christ over every domain, and its implications for the relationship between Church and State.

I have been working with some brothers on a new ministry called Repent NZ. It is a response to how the institutional churches of New Zealand have cooperated with state tyranny, failing to be watchful, to stand firm in the faith, to act like men, to be strong (1 Cor 16:13).

Instead they have abandoned the post that God assigned them. May the Lord rebuke them (1 Tim 5:1; Jd 9).

We are convicted that, as individuals, we must repent of our own involvement in this sin by taking up their duty. We want to muster like-minded believers, and to—

  • Instruct them, so they can grasp and articulate the grievous compromise of their churches, and plead for reform;
  • Encourage them, so they can come out from churches who will not hear their pleas;
  • Equip them, so they can find uncompromised churches, or combine their strength in building new ones upon the rock of both hearing and doing Christ’s word (Mt 7:24).

This ministry is a work of repentance, for our own part in the blindness, cowardice, and weakness of our churches. We invite all Christians of like mind to join us. Start by reading our first challenge statement, and signing your name to it if you agree:

We’ll also be adding plenty of articles and resources to the site over time, and publishing our second challenge statement on Covid and worship by the end of the month.

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Jonty Grigson

Brother Bnonn,

I just came across the Repent NZ website and was so delighted to know there were like-minded people in New Zealand. I was saying to my wife as I read “these are my people!!!” and signed the cornerstone challenge immediately. I’ll be praying for the efforts of Repent NZ brother and that our nation will repent and turn to The God of nations!