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My submission to parliament against the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2)

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3 minutes to read Posted verbatim for the encouragement and instruction of other Kiwi Christians.

Read the Bill I am responding to here »

According to the WHO, the infection fatality rate for COVID-19 is between 0% and 0.31% (median 0.05%) for anyone under the age of 60 (PDF source)).

A disease with such a remarkably low mortality rate cannot possibly constitute a public health emergency, and therefore none of the current government responses to Covid can possibly be justified.

This Bill expands and doubles down on the government’s current Covid responses. It is wicked. It flagrantly violates God’s law, both as given in Scripture, and as given in NZ’s own Bill of Rights Act:

  • The right not to be subjected to cruel treatment—trampled by, e.g., (1) unnecessary social isolation, which is so paradigmatically cruel that it is used as the most extreme punishment in prisons; (2) being forced to choose between one’s job and receiving an experimental therapy that could injure or kill one;
  • The right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation—trampled by efforts to coerce the experimental Pfizer treatment onto Kiwis, despite no long-term safety data and clear short-term indications that it causes significant harm at a rate vastly higher than any other vaccine ever approved, and possibly than the disease it is supposed to treat;
  • The right to refuse to undergo medical treatment—trampled by the inability of Kiwis to refuse the Pfizer treatment without risking their livelihoods;
  • The right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion without interference—trampled by the government coercing Kiwis to act against their consciences by e.g., wearing masks, social distancing, getting the Pfizer treatment;
  • The right to manifestation of religion and belief; to freedom of peaceful assembly; and to freedom of association—all trampled by the government’s placing of restrictions on, and even preventing, the gathered worship that God requires;
  • Freedom of movement—trampled on by lockdowns and travel restrictions between “alert zones.”

These are just the first six rights that this Bill shows open contempt for. The magistrate is established by God as a minister of his justice, to punish evil and uphold good (Romans 13; 1 Peter 2). Magistrates are not authorized by God to restrict the rights that he has given to every man by merit of making them in his image, and neither can they suspend or remove those rights.

They can only trample them, and thus trample God’s image, storing up judgment for themselves on the day of wrath.


Now therefore be wise, O ye kings:
Be instructed, ye judges of the earth.
Serve Jehovah with fear,
And rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the son, lest he be angry, and ye perish in the way,
For his wrath will soon be kindled.
Blessed are all they that take refuge in him. (Psalm 2:10-12)

Repent and turn back to the God of Heaven whose will our government is established to enforce. Reject this wicked bill, and publicly repent to New Zealand for the hatred you have shown every Kiwi, stirring fear and division, destroying livelihoods, and stealing from our children and children’s children to finance a hysterical, tyrannical response to a minor new disease.

You will one day give account to the Lord Jesus for your actions, and he will remind you of the submission you are now reading. There will be no secrets left hidden on that day. Will he receive your contrition, forgive you, and welcome you into his kingdom as one who helped to establish it by upholding his law and teaching others to do the same? Or will he pour out this submission like burning coals on your head, as you depart into the eternal fire prepared for everyone who practices lawlessness?

“What does the Lord your God require from you, but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways and love Him, and to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, to keep the Lord’s commandments and His statutes?” (Deuteronomy 10:12–13)

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