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Do Christians still receive the spiritual gifts?

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2 minutes to read My notes prepared for our worldview study group on the topic of charismata.

Every month I run a worldview study called Worldviews & Desserts for people aged around 14 to 34.

I always make my notes available afterward—partly for the people who attend, partly for anyone else who is interested, partly so parents can check up on what I’m teaching their kids, and partly for anyone else who might want to run a similar study. (Someday soon I’ll write an article on how I do it and what I’ve learned.)

This month we studied the charismata (which is a hefty topic; it ran rather long). I realize you may prefer to just read the notes right here on this page, but I create them in Google Docs for ease of sharing and editing; here’s the link:

Do Christians still receive the spiritual gifts?

Some key findings:

  • Gifts of the Spirit seem to be identical to fruits of the Spirit, just with the emphasis on their origin rather than their use
  • All Christians receive some gifts, especially the first gift we are all given—faith (I was concerned this Calvinistic-sounding discovery would cause an argument, but I think everyone was too focused on understanding the core topic to follow this tangent)
  • There’s no indication that more miraculous gifts, like prophecy, healing and speaking in tongues, have ceased—if anything, the opposite
  • The modern Pentecostal/Charismatic practice (and theology) of speaking in tongues is at odds with the biblical data; moreover, a great deal of linguistic research has verified it does not constitute genuine xenoglossia

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