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Coming out

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2 minutes to read Maybe they’ll give me an award for courage. Terminators know no fear.

I want to get ahead of the curve. Transableism is the next big thing (incidentally, my spellchecker is a bigot and doesn’t recognize the word transableism). But I’m not interested in losing body parts if I am not getting cyborg replacements.

You see, I don’t have transableism; I have transborgism.

I self-identify as a terminator.

I really feel in my very essence that I am a ruthless killing machine.

I realize the technology isn’t there yet, so I’m a reasonable guy. I’m not asking the impossible. But even if the science does not exist to make me a destructive superhuman cyborg (yet), you can still help me by affirming my life choices. For example, whereas transgender people get to psychologically harm people by going into the wrong bathrooms, I’m afraid my needs are more extreme. I need to physically harm people with guns. Lots of people and lots of guns.

Now, this might seem horrible, but you need to be respectful. I’m not saying I want to harm you necessarily. Although my programming is fickle. But I believe you’ll come to see that my personal need for bloodthirsty destruction is as legitimate as it is insatiable. It will do me great psychological harm to not fulfill my programming. Since we allow mothers to kill their children in circumstances where it is psychologically difficult to accept their existence, I am optimistic that we can extend that loophole to cover situations like mine.

I realize there are many bigots who will just try to fill the comments with hate, and say it’s “wrong”, and frankly I’m not talking to you. But for those of you who value tolerance and love, I hope you can accept my new identity as T1200X, and affirm my lifelong commitment to eliminating all human life.



“I self-identify as a terminator.”

Congratulations, you’ve now attracted the attention of the US Gov.