Bnonn Tennant (the B is silent)

Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

God Is Love

One of the blogs to which I subscribe is ‘The Reformed Baptist Thinker’, who recently posted an article entitled ‘Bishop Carlton Pearson, “The Way I See It”‘. Briefly described is the announcement by this Pentecostal bishop that no one goes to hell. In his own words, In reality, hell is not such an intention of […]

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Annotating the Catholic Encyclopedia: free will

An extensive investigation of libertarian free will, using the Catholic Encyclopedia’s entry on the topic as a launchpad. I quote the Encyclopedia, interacting with it at each major point, and demonstrate how the teaching of libertarianism contradicts both the Bible and plain reason.

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Regarding Red Letters

There is a heretical attitude, indulged by certain Christians, that the words of Christ, or of the four gospels as a whole, have special priority in the Bible. These are considered more important than the rest of Scripture because they describe the words and actions of Jesus, who is God himself. In certain churches, for […]

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