Bnonn Tennant (the B is silent)

Where a recovering ex-atheist skewers things with a sharp two-edged sword

A simple argument that John 6 is not referring to the Eucharist

I mean, of course it’s not—but try convincing a Catholic of that.

A simple argument that the Roman church is under God’s judgment for apostasy and idolatry

Pedophilia isn’t the only sexual scandal in the Roman ranks.

Why Molinist/Arminian intuitions about God and evil must be false

A simple parallel argument to clarify my previous posts.

2 rough alternative arguments that spiritual gifts continue

Independent lines of evidence seem to converge on a continuationist position.

A simple argument for using wine in the Lord’s supper

A syllogism any church member can follow when deciding how to vote.

Is Jesus really God?

A simple argument that Jesus can be no one except God.

Why abortion is irrefutably equivalent to murder

A simple 3-step argument that anyone can understand, showing that abortion is morally identical to murder.

A simple proof that Pope Benedict XVI is an illegitimate pope

A 6-step argument showing that the bishop of Rome doesn’t have the credentials required to hold his office.

A simple proof that the Roman Catholic Church is illegitimate

A 5 (and a bit) step argument showing that the Catholic Church is not a legitimate Christian church because its leadership does not meet certain basic biblical requirements.

Rome: “Catholics adore the one God, Allah”

A quick little argument showing how, on Rome’s own terms, Catholics believe that God’s secret identity is Allah.

A simple argument against God’s universal salvific intent

A basic argument, with commentary, in favor of the Calvinist view of election, and against the view that God purposes to save all people without exception.