This blog is having an
existential crisis

While I tinker with a new design, I’m also pondering how, what, and why I write here. I don’t know how long that will take, but you’re welcome to email me and see how things are progressing.

Stress-testing the
mind of Christ

Where a recovering ex-atheist rams the Bible into other worldviews to see what breaks (note: Scripture cannot be broken)

Vicarious atonement and gift-giving

Western intuitions about vicarious atonement are overly selective given other vicarious mechanisms we take for granted.

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Calvinism, masculinity and niceness

In some ways, this isn’t really about Calvinism. That’s just how the conversation started. It’s about Christianity abandoning masculinity, and thus replacing love with niceness.

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Are the first and second commandments morally distinguishable?

It’s a bit of a trick question when I ask it.

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Why I love the name Yahweh like I love the name Jesus

If you find it off-putting when Christians speak of Yahweh instead of the LORD, this testimony is for you.

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It’s a name, people.

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Love is love

Except when it’s not.

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When were angels created?

Or, put another way, how quickly did Satan fall?

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