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Below are listed all the books which I’ve written which are currently available in some shape or form. These range from carefully constructed nonfiction to hastily crafted fiction. They all reflect, in some way, a uniquely Christian perspective, though the fiction stories don’t necessarily presuppose its truth. Typically, my books are available in three formats: live on this blog, downloadable as PDFs, and purchasable in hard copy from Amazon’s BookSurge.

The Ash and the Air

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Searching for the theory of everything had its consequences. At the heart of the technological singularity lay an impossible genius with a single directive, no moral compass, and the ability to manipulate a universal governing force. An enemy as present as the air, able to scatter the very atoms of an army, and reduce a city to dust. Such an enemy could not be fought. Such an enemy could not be stopped.

Now, if only we had a time machine.

The Ash and the Air is a short science fiction novel I wrote for the National Novel Writing Month, 2008. It explores the technological singularity, time travel and paradox, possible worlds and eternity, artificial intelligence and the Chinese Room, science, philosophy, reality, and the quest for knowledge. It will hopefully be the first of three loosely related books which will explore these sorts of concepts, and draws many of its themes from Genesis 1–3. Its overt influences range from Primer in film; Doctor Who, Burn Notice, Buffy (especially season 4) and Angel (especially season 5) in television; and in print The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect by Roger Williams, In him all things hold together by Charlie Sebold, and Time Present and Time Past and When the future ain’t what it used to be by Steve Hays.