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A simple argument that the Roman church is under God’s judgment for apostasy and idolatry

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3 minutes to read Pedophilia isn’t the only sexual scandal in the Roman ranks.

Homosexuality is the topic du jour, so I have been reflecting on Romans 1 more than usual lately. Today I was reminded of a fact I had half-forgotten, and was struck by how it juxtaposes against Romans 1.

According to various estimates—some sociological and some from the anecdotal observation of insiders—as many as 60% of Roman Catholics priests are homosexuals. The number could be as low as 10%—and even that would be over five times the incidence in the general populace—but it is probably at least 20%, and most probably over 50%.

To say that homosexuality is rampant in the church hierarchy almost seems too weak.

Now, in Romans 1, Paul is perfectly clear that homosexuality is a judgment from God as a result of idolatry. In verses 21-23, people do not honor God, nor give him thanks, but instead become futile in their reasoning; they claim to be wise, but in fact become fools by worshiping created things rather than God. Therefore (v 24) and because of this (v 26), God gives them over to immoral physical desires—degrading passions—so their bodies will be dishonored: women exchanging natural relations with men for unnatural ones, and men also abandoning natural relations with women and becoming inflamed with desire for each other, committing shameless acts together.

This isn’t the end of the story, of course—they are also given over to every other kind of wickedness (vv 28ff). But homosexuality appears to be a particularly notable, egregious signal of God’s judgment—an omen, as it were, that the kid-gloves are off, his patience has ended, and his judgment has begun. Homosexuality among a people is like a signpost on the highway to hell, letting you know that you just missed your last exit.

This brings me to my argument…

The argument

  1. The notable incidence of homosexuality among a people is clear evidence of God’s judgment against them for turning away from him to worship creation
  2. There is a notable incidence of homosexuality among the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy
  3. Therefore, this is clear evidence of God’s judgment against the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy for turning away from him to worship creation

Given how I have previously argued that Roman Catholicism is a form of pagan polytheism, that it is an illegitimate, apostate church, that it commits itself to worshiping Allah—and of course, given how Protestantism has always held that the papacy is an ongoing counterfeit of Jesus’ inimitable office, so the pope is quite literally an anti-Christ—this argument doesn’t exactly come out of the blue. The papacy isn’t merely idolatrous; it is, in fact, an idol. So the conclusion of this argument is hardly surprising; it is merely further corroboration of what we already knew.

Indeed, it seems quite legitimate to reinforce the conclusion by suggesting a correlation between the incidence of homosexuality and the intensity of God’s judgment. This would bode rather ill for Rome given the statistics of homosexuality in the priesthood compared to the general population.

There are a couple of ways you could try to weasel out of this while maintaining fidelity to Scripture—but frankly they strike me as too weak to bother anticipating here. I guess we’ll see how things go in the comments.

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