Stress-testing the
mind of Christ

Where an abrasive ex-South African marketing expert rams Christianity into other worldviews at high speed

Fisking the chieftain of the atheist village

An exchange with an atheist whose confidence is inversely proportional to his competence.

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Humiliating head coverings

Daniel B Wallace thinks we should abide by the principle rather than the practice. I wonder why we can’t do both.

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New atheism & child psychology

Why do new atheists form beliefs, and argue for them, in the same way as my four year old son?

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Who is baptism for?

Is it for babies? Or believers only?

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Is online discussion worth it?

Does anything good ever come out of a Facebook debate?

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This is what we’re up against

The wolves have formed a protective circle around the pulpit to prevent the sheep getting near, while they tear all the offensive pages out of the Bible.

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Silly myths and irreverant visions

Leading away those whose sensuous minds are puffed up without reason…

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