Developing the
mind of Christ

Theology, philosophy & apologetics from Reformed marketing expert Dominic Bnonn Tennant

Is Allah actually Yahweh?

It’s a more vexed question than you might assume—but here’s a simple argument that shows he is perhaps not, at least in most cases.

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Misguided compassion for pest animals

An email exchange with a bleeding heart apologists for the moral equivalence of animals and humans.

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A showcase of Christian hatred and secular tolerance

A continuation of an exchange on homosexuality, reposted from Facebook.

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What does the Lord say about homosexuality?

A response to a friend’s questions on Facebook.

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Are pictures of Jesus idolatry? Part 2: what were ancient people thinking?

Thinking so is an understandably venerable Reformed tradition which strikes me as naive and legalistic on several levels. Here, I look at why ancient peoples created idols to worship, and how this radically affects our understanding of the second commandment.

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How pro-gay atheists “argue”

An illustration of what to expect from “freethinkers” if you dare to buck political correctness.

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Has God predestined most people to hell?

Does the Bible imply that God is more glorified in his wrath and justice than his love and mercy?

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