Developing the
mind of Christ

Theology, philosophy & apologetics from Reformed marketing expert Dominic Bnonn Tennant

Has God predestined most people to hell?

Does the Bible imply that God is more glorified in his wrath and justice than his love and mercy?

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Biblical reasons to doubt Justin Taylor’s doubts about the creation days being 24-hour periods

Justin Taylor questions the calendar-day interpretation. I question in turn.

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Did Aaron’s staff actually turn into a crocodile?

Most translations say it turned into a snake. Are they right?

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Does the Bible teach any kind of free will?

Given how hotly debated a topic it is, you would assume it does…wouldn’t you?

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Is there a relevant difference between causing and permitting evil?

An exchange with Arminian theologian Roger Olson.

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Unreflective assumptions about free will

Suppose everyone automatically assumes they have the power of contrary choice. What follows?

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Skeptical naivete about ancient near-Eastern history

Should we even expect accounts of ancient events to reflect historical fact?

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