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Five Things

No one expects the Five Things Meme.

Matt and Madeleine tagged me yesterday. Now, I’m highly ambivalent toward internet memes. On the one hand, I subscribe to the icanhascheezburger RSS feed. On the other, I’m totally above such things, and am writing this only because old age has mellowed me. That said, mellowing happens faster than you’d expect. I’m so old that if I’ve remembered to shave, and have forgotten to bring my baby daughter, I’ll still get carded at the liquor store when buying rum. To be fair, if I were working there I’d probably also assume that someone wearing a Captain Hammer tee-shirt and a black duster was not as old as he looks. And I’d probably assume that it reflects something more general about him as well; like, that we share a common difficulty in waiting for the fifth season of Doctor Who. This makes me suspect that maybe we haven’t quite gotten over high school yet. But then that leads me, in turn, to wonder: is Christian blogging just like being in the chess club? Because I sucked at chess…

The following people should now consider themselves tagged:

  1. Darryl Burling
  2. Jono Mac
  3. Timothy
  4. Drew Lewis
  5. Damian Peterson

1 comment

  1. Madeleine

    I get ID’d too!

    It used to be funny and flattering until my youngest son got into my purse and lost (as in misplaced) my licence.

    I took to carrying my passport in the end just so I could keep my supply of shiraz and cab sav running.

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