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mind of Christ

Where an abrasive ex-South African marketing expert rams Christianity into other worldviews at high speed

Evolution 2.0

★★★★★ A genuine eye-opener in a category of its own—and an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to use real science to decisively argue for God’s existence while dismantling neo-Darwinism.

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Animal poop

Take it from me—I have chickens.

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Should I save a zygote over a baby?

If I don’t, then obviously it’s not murder to kill a zygote, lol.

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I’ve invented the perfect religion

My cover is now blown, but who cares? I’ll be rich.

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I am not an “anti-vaxxer”

But I didn’t vaccinate my children.

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Why polytheism = pantheism = monism

Pagan religions seem crazy until you understand what motivates them.

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Does Psalm 82 refer to real deities?

Short answer: yes.

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