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Theology, philosophy & apologetics from Reformed marketing expert Dominic Bnonn Tennant

Biblical reasons to doubt Justin Taylor’s doubts about the creation days being 24-hour periods

Justin Taylor questions the calendar-day interpretation. I question in turn.

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Did Aaron’s staff actually turn into a crocodile?

Most translations say it turned into a snake. Are they right?

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Does the Bible teach any kind of free will?

Given how hotly debated a topic it is, you would assume it does…wouldn’t you?

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Is there a relevant difference between causing and permitting evil?

An exchange with Arminian theologian Roger Olson.

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Unreflective assumptions about free will

Suppose everyone automatically assumes they have the power of contrary choice. What follows?

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Skeptical naivete about ancient near-Eastern history

Should we even expect accounts of ancient events to reflect historical fact?

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Thorny problems with Molinism #4: the internal contradiction between CCFs & PAP

In which I illustrate that if counterfactuals of creaturely freedom are true, the principle of alternate possibility must be false.

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